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Wizerd is here to help. All of our services are fully managed so you don’t have to lift a finger.

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We guarantee our services will pay for themselves by generating new sales.

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Our goal is happiness, not profits. If you’re ever not happy with our services then don’t pay us.

What is “Local SEO”?

Here’s a diagram with the long and complex version.
Or you can read the short and simple version below.

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“The Short Version”

Local SEO refers to SEO specifically built for Local Businesses on Google Maps.

If you rank high on Google Maps your phone will ring, ring, ring… Guaranteed.

We only work with local businesses. Local SEO is the only SEO we do. Let us be blunt…the fastest, cheapest, and most profitable way grow a business is maximizing Google Maps using Local SEO. It works so perfect we built an entire franchise system doing the exact same thing, check out the link below. Let us do the same for you in 2021! Contact us to learn more and get a free custom Local SEO analysis.

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Local SEO Services

All services are fully managed by Wizerd, so you don’t need any technical experience to work with us.

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Guaranteed More Sales

Becuase we specialize in Local SEO, we know what results to expect. And it’s common sense that if you rank high in Google, your phone will ring with new customers. We know our services will dominate Google and provide increased sales for you.

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Specialize in Local SEO

There are many types of SEO these days. We specialize in “Local SEO”. Local SEO is the maps section of Google and used when people search for local businesses. We also specialize and only work with small & medium local businesses. So … Local SEO and Local Business is Wizerd.

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Goal = Dominate Google

Ranking high and for many search phrases is our #1 goal. In essence, we focus our energy on dominating Google maps with Local SEO. Focusing on Google and ranking for many search phrases is the fastest AND cheapest way to grow a local business. And we guarantee it.


Google My Business “GMB”

Google My Business or “GMB” is the tool used to control a Google Business profile. There are endless ways to configure the profile, are new features constantly being launched, etc, etc. Our SEO services mange your GMB profile every month, making sure it’s SEO optimized, kept up to date, and using all new features launched by Google.

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Local Citation Building

A citation is anytime your “Name, Address, Phone” number appear on the web together. Most of these occur in web directories. A very important part of Local SEO is constantly building new citations. They need to be good quality, but the more citations the better. We have a rolodex of hundreds of quality citation sources. Our SEO services will build NEW citations every month, eventually totaling hundreds of them.


Local Link Building

A link is anytime another website “links” back to your website. Most people have heard of “link building”. Local SEO requires a special type of link building where links ONLY come from local websites in the businesses local community. This is a manual process and time consuming. Most companies get links but don’t focus on local links because it’s hard work. At Wizerd, we always value quality over quantity. And so does Google.


Google GMB Posts

One feature in Google My Business are mini blog posts. These can promote content, upcoming events, special promotions, general news, etc. While this alone won’t dominate Google, Google does love it anytime you can engage with their platform. Our SEO services will post content to your GMB each month.

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Website Blog Post

A good website is important to Local SEO. One activity to promote SEO are blog posts. Google loves new content and this is a great way to promote it. Also, some of this content can be used in your GMB posts. Our SEO services will write new blog posts on different topics and post them to your website.


Review Management

Every customer wants to look at business reviews before buying. We have many strategies to solicit reviews from customers, one is tied to the GMB. Eventually every business will get a bad review. We help by showing you how to respond so it won’t negatively affect you. And sometimes we can get the negative review removed or upgraded for you.

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Many SEO companies make you sign a year contract. We don’t. All of our services are month to month. And we guarantee you love them or we’ll give your money back. Ask another SEO company for that offer … I’d be curious to hear their responses :). Anyways, we money back guaratee all of our services.

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Monthly Reporting

Every month you will get a custom report for your business. It will show many metrics including wesbsite traffic, phone calls, citation and link building, GMB engagement, etc. It’s a snapshot of your current Google status and all the SEO work we are doing each month.

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Free Consulting

We truly love business … especially helping small and medium sized local businesses (read About Us). If you every have a question about your business give us a call for free consulting. For example, mobile payment apps, email services, IT integrations, electronic invoicing, etc. Don’t hesitate to call, it’s free.

Local SEO Pricing

All SEO plans are customized so contact us for a free quote.

We understand everyone has been burned by SEO companies.

Talk is cheap, so we offer money back guarantee on all services.

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