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Be the boss.
Be happy.

Wizerd is changing the home services franchise & gig model forever.
Our new model helps local home service pros fight against the big guys.  

Run Your Own Business

Free to join.
80-87% payout.

You own your business. You keep 80-87% sales. Wizerd keeps 13-20% fee.

It’s free to join. We work for you and earn a 13-20% fee for our services. We reinvest a portion of this money back into marketing each month to fuel your growth.

You are the boss. You set pricing and make all business decisions.

You have total control over the management and operations of your business. This includes setting pricing, estimation, parts, repair, and day to day activities. 

Wizerd does all your marketing and back-office support operations.

We have 10+ years experience in marketing and support. Our #1 goal is to bring you new customers, book appointments, and make everyone happy.

100% risk-free and guaranteed success.

Our fee is paid after work is completed. This means we only make money after you make money. We have a major incentive to do great services and make you successful. 

Franchises work because they are systems. But these systems are bad for existing small & independent professionals.
Wizerd is changing the franchise model by doing everything different. We specialize in marketing and supporting your business.

Traditional Franchise
$50,000 – $100,000 to join … yikes!
Plus a 6-12% royalty fee.

These franchises are excellent for someone who wants to start a new career and get all the training.
It’s like going back to school and then buying all tools to start a brand new business.

New Vehicle


Job Training


Franchise Manual

Support Coaching


Years to Profit

Wizerd Franchise
Free to join.
13-20% service fee. 

Our franchises are perfect for existing businesses and trained pros who want to start a new, second, or side business.
We specialize in all types of marketing and back-office support. Our #1 goal is to grow and support your business.
We only get paid after you get paid, so we have a major incentive to make your business successful.

SEO Marketing

Internet Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Customer Service

Appointment Booking

3 – 12 Weeks to Profit

Request a free market analysis below.

Our model is simple.

Here is all the fine print.

100% risk-free. Guaranteed success!

This is everything you get with our partnership.


Franchise owners have 100% ownership, control, and liability of their business. They’re the boss and make all the decisions. Each franchisee licenses the use of our brand name and back-office system. This be can setup as a new company, or added as a DBA (Doing Business As) to an existing company or sole proprietorship.



Every franchise owner must have their own liability insurance, meet local and federal regulations, and all industry trade licensing rules. They also must provide their own vehicle, tools, materials, and parts sourcing. Each franchisee runs the day to day operations including pricing, availability, diagnosis, parts sourcing, job completion.


Having too many franchise partners is bad for franchise owners, consumers, and Wizerd. Our goal is to partner with a small number of professionals in each area for many home services. This ensures each franchise owner gets as much work as they want. Request a free market analysis to learn about your specific area.

Existing Business

Some of our franchisees have an existing business or have been servicing customers for years under their own custom brand name. This is fine and nothing changes with their current business, and they keep 100% of those sales. A Wizerd Franchise acts as an add-on to increase sales and make extra money on the side.

Wizerd Service Fee

For support services we take a fee based on gross sales (before tax) for the portion in each tier. Larger jobs mean smaller fees. Franchisee’s keep all other gross sales (this averages 80-87%).

Fee : Gross Sales
– 20% : $0 – $1,000
– 15% : $1,001 – $3,000
– 10% : $3,000 +


Each franchisee must setup their own merchant account with our payment provider Stripe. Wizerd will provide a mobile payment app. Stripe will automatically calculate our fee and split the payouts. Payouts are made 24-48 hours after transaction. Stripe has a processing fee of 2.9% + $.30 per transaction. Franchisee’s are responsible for Stripe’s fees.


Every market is different, but for the majority of markets the work starts out part-time. Some franchisee’s only want part-time work so this works out perfectly. For people who want full-time work, or even grow and manage a team, we have a lot of strategies to fuel continued growth. Contact us for a free market analysis.

Business Phone #

Our back-office system provides a unique business number for each franchise location. We use this number on marketing materials and internal call routing systems. When customers call, our support team knows exactly what business they are calling. This allows us to act like a “virtual receptionist”. See Customer Service for more details.  


We specialize in all types of marketing … internet, social media, traditional, referral, etc. We also have an existing customer base in some markets. Each franchise location get’s custom marketing based on their specific requirements. We only make money after the franchisee makes money, so this gives us a big incentive to make each partner successful.


One aspect of our marketing system is our website. Each franchise location will get a unique webpage. Each page will highlight the business and show a list of services. Each franchisee can customize the list of services they want to provide. Most jobs are custom bid so pricing is not listed, but sometimes a fixed price can be set and this will be included.

Back-Office Support: Customer Service

As mentioned, each franchise location will have a unique phone number. When customers call our support team will act like a “virtual receptionist”, answering the phone as that business name. Our support will answer questions and sell services as instructed by each franchisee. We also provide other services to support franchisees.

Back-Office Support: Appointment Booking

Our customer service team will book appointments directly on a shared calendar. We partner with Microsoft for calendar and email services. Each franchisee will get a custom setup. There is also an app to use. After appointments are booked, all details will be added to the calendar. A text message alert will also be sent for new appointments.

Franchise Industries  

We operate a variety of franchise brands in many different service industries. Request the free market analysis below to determine what brands are available in your specific area.

Appliance Repair






Pressure Washing

Lawn Care



Limited Spots Per Industry

Free to join.

80-87% payout.

Guaranteed success.

 Request a free market analysis.

Our application process is quick and simple.

1. Fill out the form below with your details.
2. We will conduct & email you a market analysis.
3. If you’re still interested we will contact you by phone.

4. We will answer all questions or concerns you have.
5. If it’s a good fit for you we can get things going asap.

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* We ask for your home address or at least the nearby cross streets because you act as a home-based business and this determines your competition and analysis. 

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Be the Boss. Be happy.