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Wizerd is here to help. All of our services are fully managed so you don’t have to lift a finger.

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We guarantee our services will pay for themselves by generating new sales.

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Our goal is happiness, not profits. If you’re ever not happy with our services then don’t pay us.

About Wizerd

Wizerd was started by Joey Rayl, click here to see his profile on LinkedIn. His family have been small business owners for many generations. Joey started his first business at age 16 and hasn’t stopped since.

The past decade Joey spent in California working on startups, SEO, and new technologies. He loved the rush and thrill of new inventions, but something was always missing. Most big tech companies eventually hurt small businesses.

So … Joey had an idea. Leave California, settle in a smaller “community focused” city, get back to his roots, and start a business specialized in helping small local businesses. Joey found St Petersburg and fell in love … then created Wizerd to fight for the little guys and bring back happiness to business owners.

Our Experience

  • Small & Medium Business Specialization
  • SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Website Design & Development
  • Design & Branding
  • Hosting

Why Choose Wizerd


Small Business: 24 Years

Decades of experience! The owner built his first business at age 16 and hasn’t stopped since then. Our entire team is entrepreneurial focused and love helping small businesses like yours.

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Silicon Valley: 12 Yrs

The owner spent 12 years in California’s Silicon Valley. His experience on the front lines is priceless and guarantees success for your local business. Time for the small guys to fight back.

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Local SEO: 10 Years

The owner has been doing Local SEO since Google invented it. He was in Silicon Valley when Google and SEO became a thing, so he has seen it evolve since Day 1. No one knows Local SEO like Wizerd.

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Websites: 10 Years

We started building websites when WordPress was unknown, now it’s a household name in development. A website is not only is good for SEO, but it really helps convert prospects into paying customers.


Honest & Fair: Always

We learned the best recipe for longterm success is always treating people with respect, being honest, and charging fair prices. That’s how generations of family businesses can survive many decades.


Customer Service: 5-Star

We pride ourselves on making sure all of our customers have a great experience working with us. We’re open, honest, and transparent. All of our services are money back guaranteed. Try Wizerd today.

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