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Wizerd is here to help. All of our services are fully managed so you don’t have to lift a finger.

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We guarantee our services will pay for themselves by generating new sales.

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Our goal is happiness, not profits. If you’re ever not happy with our services then don’t pay us.

What is “SEM” Search Engine Marketing?

Here’s a diagram with the long and complex version.
Or you can read the short and simple version below.


“The Short Version”

SEM refers to buying ads that will display your business in searches.

If you buy ads on search engines your phone will ring, ring, ring… Guaranteed.

We only work with small & medium businesses. SEM is a core component of marketing, integrated into almost everything we do, and should be the same for any small business marketing. Let us be blunt…the fastest, high ROI, and most profitable way grow a business is maximizing search exposure running Google ads. Below is a list of everything we do for SEM, which means higher Google conversions, more customers, and lower ad spend. Contact us to learn more and get a free SEM analysis.

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SEM Services

All services are fully managed by Wizerd, so you don’t need any technical experience to work with us.

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Guaranteed More Sales

Becuase we specialize in SEM and Google, we know what results to expect. And it’s common sense that if you buy ads properly in Google, your phone will ring with new customers. We know our services will dominate Google and provide increased sales for your business.

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Specialize in SEM

There are many types of SEM these days. One type we specialize in is Google. Google is the main player for active customers. We also specialize and only work with small & medium local businesses. So … Local SEM and Small & Medium Business is at our core.


Goal = Dominate Google

Ranking your ads high in search and getting you the most bang for your buck is our #1 goal. In essence, we focus our energy on dominating Google with your ads. Focusing on Google and ranking for many ads phrases is the fastest AND highest ROI way to grow a business. And we guarantee it.


Content Creation

Google Ads LOVES content more than anything in the world. Creating new content on a regular basis and posting to a blog, new page, Google My Business, etc is the best way to get Google to pay attention to your ads and website. This new content is also a great way to build backlinks. Our SEM writing services will create new content in any industry or niche.


Ad Promotion

Making sure your ad shows up to the right people, at the right place, and at the right time is our top priority. Our years of experience has made us experts at optimizing SEM campaigns. This is a delicate process that has to be manually done, but when done correctly will make sure your phone starts ringing off the hook. 


Return on Investment

The biggest question every business has it how much will it cost? How many customers will I get? What will be my Return on Investment? While we don’t have a magic ball, we have been running Google ads for a long time and know how to be profitable. Our job depends on you making money and providing as much value as possible.

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Many SEM companies make you sign a year contract. We don’t. All of our services are month to month. And we guarantee you love them or we’ll give your money back. Ask another SEO company for that offer … I’d be curious to hear their responses :). Anyways, we money back guaratee all of our services.

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Monthly Reporting

Every month you will get a custom report for your business. It will show many metrics including wesbsite traffic, phone calls, citation and link building, GMB engagement, etc. It’s a snapshot of your current Google status and all the SEM work we are doing each month.

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Free Consulting

We truly love business … especially helping small and medium sized local businesses (read About Us). If you every have a question about your business give us a call for free consulting. For example, mobile payment apps, email services, IT integrations, electronic invoicing, etc. Don’t hesitate to call, it’s free.

SEM Pricing

All SEM plans are customize so contact us for a free quote.

We understand everyone has been burned by SEM companies.

Talk is cheap, so we offer money back guarantee on all services.

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SEM built for success!