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About Us

Wizerd is different. We only work with local businesses, fighting for independent professionals and mom & pop shops. We are the “anti-startup” startup.
Our motivation is helping others … not profits.

Our History & Mission

The Internet came fast and changed the world forever. For better and worse. As it matured, larger and more powerful companies started gaining more market share. Over time the small local businesses were squeezed thin or completely out. Many years ago a group of us left our corporate jobs and started working with small local businesses. Our main service was marketing and mastering the internet. We truly believed this was the future of business. We also learned technology moves fast and changes constantly. 

Over the years we’ve re-branded our company numerous times, adapted to new technologies, and expanded our services portfolio. The one constant is we are always actively listening to our customers. Because of them, we now have a portfolio of services tailored specifically for small local businesses. We don’t know exactly what the future looks like, but we guarantee that Wizerd will be your partner and always keep you ahead of the curve.

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Join the Wizerd movement and fight for small local business!